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Digital Death

3 Dec

As I mentioned earlier, social media can be so consuming it turns into an outright addiction. A simple cure to this addiction would be to just stop using social media. But what price would you pay to commit social media suicide? The answer is $1,000,000.

In honor of World Aids Day (which was this past Wednesday), a group of highly followed celebrities announced their “Digital Death” in effort to raise money for Keep A Child Alive, an organization fighting against HIV/AIDS in Africa and the rest of the developing world.

The premise of Digital Death is 19 celebrities that are very active on Twitter and Facebook have made the decision to sacrifice their digital lives until $1,000,000 is raised for HIV/AIDS. This meaning that celebrities such as Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Lady Gaga will not Tweet or update any statuses until the goal is reached. In order to reach this goal, the celebrities have sent out their cry for help, asking followers to donate money, or “buy their lives back.” Each celebrity gives their last Tweet and testament before they say sayonara to the social media world.

While I think this is a very worthy cause to be working with and raising money for, I can’t help but see the vanity behind all of it. These celebrities are begging their followers to bring them back their digital lives as if the world would be in shambles without their 500 Tweets a day. There really is no comparison between losing a digital life versus losing a real child’s life to such a horrible disease.

I am also curious to see how well this campaign does in reaching their goal. I understand that some people are on the edge of their seats waiting for a celebrities next Tweet. But to be honest, I would probably enjoy not being updated on whichever movie star’s every waking move. I have followed some celebrities on Twitter and actually had to unfollow them because their Tweets clogged up my feed. Some updates can be interesting every now and then, but in all honesty I really could care less.

Also, another reason I don’t know if this campaign will do so well is that when people stop Tweeting it just leaves more space for other people to fill. If you think about people you follow, when they aren’t Tweeting you stop looking to their accounts to read what they have posted. With all of these celebrities turning off their Tweets, I bet eventually people will just forget all together.

I don’t necessarily hate this campaign, I think it was a good idea on paper and it also helps raise awareness with the help from big names and faces. I just feel that too much of the focus is on getting Justin Timberlake back to Tweeting rather than the millions of lives affected by HIV/AIDS. But I’ll still keep my fingers crossed that they can raise the money for Keep A Child Alive!