Facebook for President

21 Oct

It’s official. Facebook is taking over the world. Not really, but seriously. Reaching 500 million friends, it’s safe to say that the social networking site would be considered the popular kid at school, or at any school. Every school combined. If you just take a look at the people on Facebook, you will notice it is no longer just college students, which is how it started out. Does anyone even remember those days anymore? It’s hard to remember the simplistic idea it started out as—a website for students to communicate with each other among their college networks. But the requirements for an account have loosened up with the years and now anyone from household pets to fictitious movie characters are free to friend, message, wall-post and poke other users.

With this vastly growing site, it is no surprise that businesses have begun to capitalize on this extremely popular and widely used network. Business can guide customers to their Facebook page for updates, deals, and ultimately a two-way relationship where people can comment with their thoughts.

Take note also to almost every article you read online. Somewhere either at the top, bottom, or right in your face is the option to “like” a story. This will link to your page and Facebook will do you the favor of compiling everything you’ve clicked and generating lists of things that you will probably want to “like” button as well. Thanks for helping me realize things I am interested in, Facebook! The non-affiliated website, The Like Button in Real Life, even has tiny stickers that you can buy with the “like” logo for you to slap on everything your heart desires. Yet another company jumping on the Facebook bandwagon to make a profit.

However, one of the most genius ideas yet has come from the collaboration between Target and Kodak. On Tuesday, Target announced that customers can now print their Facebook pictures from the Kodak Kiosks in almost all of their stores nationwide. The kiosks, enabled with Social Network Connectivity, gives users access to all of their albums, photos, etc. and they have the option to not only print out pictures, but create photo books, calendars, greeting cards, DVDs and other photo memorabilia. This is smart move for Target since it gives customers even more incentive to come in and kill two birds with one stone: get your shopping done while print out your pictures hassle-free.

Facebook also one-upped their competitors once again by upgrading the photo features on the site. New features including high-resolution photos, bulk tagging options and easier downloads entices users to ditch their regular photo sharing sites in lieu of having every great feature on one website. This works in favor of not only Facebook but Target and Kodak as well. Talk

And with the Facebook movie, The Social Network, grossing more than 64 billion dollars and securing the number one spot two weeks in a row only 19 days after its release date, it is obvious what a social phenomena the company has become. There is no doubt that more companies will be teaming up with and integrating Facebook into their marketing agendas. Who knows, maybe we will eventually start paying our bills on Facebook. Or school curriculums will be taught via Facebook. There doesn’t seem to be an idea too absurd for Facebook.

For now, I will just keep using it as a distraction from schoolwork and time-filler when I am avoiding my lengthy to-do lists. But I can’t promise that is all I will use it for in the future.



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