Portland Zombie Walk 2010

20 Oct

Kelsey Gerber (Spokesperson)
Public Relations Officer
503.807.5171 (cell)
kelseylynngerber (skype)

Portland Zombie Walk 2010

Join fellow zombies for the 6th annual event in dowtown Portland, where all are invited to lurch, slither, and crawl through the streets in zombie fashion.

Portland, OR–October 20, 2010


In spirit of Halloween approaching, the Zombie Walk has arrived for all to come dressed in character as the walking dead! Throw on your most tattered clothing, unleash your rotting flesh and summon that lifeless stare along with hundreds of other creatures. This informal event has succeeded in the past thanks to friends sharing with friends via facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. So tell your fellow cronies because the more zombies wandering the streets the better.
  • The walk will take place Saturday, October 23rd at 4:00 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • All ages are welcome
  • The event is FREE!
  • Donation areas for the Oregon Food Bank will be on site
  • No weapons, drugs, or alcohol are permitted

Zombie Walk Forum
A forum for organizing zombie walks in different areas of the country

Portland Zombie Walk on Facebook
The facebook page for Portland Zombie Walk with information and updates on the event




Kelsey Gerber on last year’s event:

“Portland’s zombies were a reflection of the city they love: bizarre, original, and comfortably self-conscious. I encountered the Zombie Parade and found that every participant was so immersed in their role as an animated corpse that I began to believe they were real.”

“The rules of the event state that you should stay in “zombie character” so long as it is appropriate, but should “break character” and walk normal speed while crossing intersections. These zombies are thoughtful in another way too: the event is a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank.”

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**UPDATE: Check out the Facebook official event page for further details!

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